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HT Series

HT 45
HT 35

Impossible to Ignore

Let’s do a double take.  The new 2016 HT series HT45 and HT35 are here to surprise.

Its sculpted angular body, chiseled square chins, and the fine muscle under the hood are sure to grab your attention.  This bus is built ready and its luxury interior is here to please.

The HT luxury motorcoach offers the ultimate beauty, style, and power in comfortable floor plan with high-end amenities.  The new 2016 HT Series are the embodiment of our highest level for design, technology, and manufacture.  With a long list of its most desired features, this one is ready to take on the highway with comfort and style.

Reliability and Durability

HT motorcoach features US brand Cummins Engine and Allison Transmission, and German brand ZF air-suspension which augment to its durability, stability, and reliability.   Our truck-based engine and Transmission are designed to withstand the rigors of the road and engineered for efficient, long-term, and worry-free operation.  The dependability has been proven time and time again which heighten our bus’s reliability more than ever.


Safety Ensured

Through rigorous testing and refinement, we have ensured that our motorcoaches surpass the collision and safety standards.  To ensure it has the highest standard for safety, all motorcoaches are equipped with automatic engine bay fire extinguishing system, back-up camera, active radar anti-collision system, ABS, ESP, three-point seat belt, and more.  Every other custom made turnover windows can also be opened in case of emergency.  With a long list of the latest technologies, HT series are the safest motorcoaches we’ve ever built.



Best Value Guaranteed

HT motorcoach is designed in the US and assembled in China.  It is composed of 75 percent USA branded parts, and this is why we are confident in our products and prices.  HT motorcoach uses Cummins engine and Allison transmission which offers the best durability and stability.  Due to our bus being assembled in China, we have better cost for our manufacturing and materials and we’re able to reflect this premium to any interested buyers.





HT motorcoach offers extensive onboard entertainment such as pre-programmed movies, tv-show, and music.  Each seat has 2 usb outlet to charge electronic devices or to use the onboard entertainment.  Simply purchase a data plan from any carrier to provide passengers with wifi.


The HT series are manufactured and assembled in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, China.  The state-of-art facility has over 30 years of experience in building motorcoaches which features the latest production technologies to guarantee the consistency of our bus’s performance and reliability.